CapsWiz 2.1

Automates the control of the CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock buttons
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Have your CapsLock, NumLock or ScrollLock buttons automatically activated or deactivated when you switch between applications. Useful for when repeatedly transitioning between a regular text editor and database editor or between a hex editor and a game where you don't want the NumPad to be activated.

CapsWiz makes dealing with the CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock keys easier. CapsWiz can be configured to automatically turn on or off any of these keys depending on which program or window has just been switched to. For example, it could turn off Caps Lock when you switch to your word processor, and turn on CapsLock when you switch over to a database entry screen. Since CapsWiz keeps track of the open window names (not just the application names), you could even configure unique Caps/Num Lock settings for different option windows in the same application. Additionally, CapsWiz has the ability to 'correct' the case of text you've typed in another program. Pressing the appropriate "hot-key" can convert highlighted text to upper or lower case, and can even reverse the case. (e.g. convert "tHIS sENTENCE" --> "This Sentence")

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